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Tell Your State Legislators We Need Utility Meter Choice!
Smart and digital utility meters are actively being deployed in Hawaii without adequately informing consumers of the health, safety and privacy risks.If you missed the safe technology webinar I co-hosted with Cece Doucette, here’s a link to our YouTube recording packed with helpful informationhttps://youtu.be/CUSa0BOPkdcAnd here’s a link to download Cece’s slides. I HIGHLY recommend you download these as they contain a goldmine of helpful information that answers every question you might have and could literally save your lifehttps://alpaca-chinchilla-x6xf.squarespace.com/s/Doucette-HI-Tech-Safety-Presentation-10-JAN-2024.pdf Mainstream media is waking up! The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) did an piece on “EMF Victims.” View it on YouTube 7mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiXR77yyO24 Fighting the Smartphone “Invasion.” A French village voted to ban scrolling in public. This is what happens through people power. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/feb/10/fighting-the-smartphone-invasion-the-french-village-that-voted-to-ban-scrolling-in-public The Scientific & Medical Network featuring featuring Olle Johansson – Electrohypersensitivity: A Functional Impairment due to a Toxic Environment? https://scientificandmedical.net/vimeo/olle-johansson-electrohypersensitivity-a-functional-impairment-due-to-a-toxic-environment-27-december-2023/The BAD news: 50 Bills to Expand Wireless Infrastructure Up for Consideration by Federal LawmakersNo More Research on Cellphone Radiation and Human Health, Government Says Despite its own $30 million study that found evidence of cancer and DNA damage! Life in a Digital Prison: Digital IDs and Social Credit Scores You’ll also learn how the military secretly uses new wireless technologies and digitalization for control